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Research & Training

About Training

We have in excess of 30 years experience and have played a pivotal role in the on-going training and education of professionals in the area of substance misuse. This is achieved through formal training programmes, placements and courses and is supported by our telephone advisory service.

Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors

We are recognised by the Royal College of Psychiatrists for training at both Registrar and Senior Registrar level. As part of our commitment to all the medical schools, students attend for formal lectures and tutorials. Several doctors over the years who participated in the programme are now consultants in Ireland and Britain. A similar arrangement exists with the Irish College of General Practitioners.

LSB College

In recent years this college, as a recognised third level institution, has initiated a Masters Degree in Psychoanalysis. As part of their training, students are offered placements of six months with us. To date we have provided teaching and training for nine students. Clinical visits are also arranged on a twice- yearly basis for up to 10 other students participating in this course.

Child Care Professionals

Students from the School of Social Science at the Dublin Institute of Technology, Rathmines are offered a placement of one year.


Students attending counselling courses at Trinity College or University College Dublin, as part of their training, avail of placements that are supervised by our counselling team.

Multidisciplinary Course

In Addiction and Drugs In 1997, we established a training course in Addiction and Drug Use in response to an identified need for induction and further training by professionals working in the area of addiction. This two-week course provides information on addiction in general, i.e. dynamics of addiction, family dimensions of addiction, legal and forensic aspects, toxicology and pharmacology, among many other related topics.During 2000, 60 people attended the course. On a countrywide basis over 165 professionals have participated to date.

Science Students

Much of the work undertaken in our laboratory is highly specialised. Over the years it has been acknowledged by the third level institutions.

Employment Placements

As a leading service provider in the area of substance misuse we facilitate professional training through training placements, which form part of the training of a number of different professions and disciplines.


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